Voith’s DIWA.5 automatic transmissions will be used in York, Ontario transit system buses

YORK, Pa., Aug. 11, 2014 /CNW/ — New Flyer Industries is equipping its 34 York, Ontario-bound buses with Voith Turbo’s DIWA.5 automatic transmissions. These clean diesel buses are expected to be delivered this fall. The DIWA.5 transmission reduces wear and tear through its streamlined gear shifts, which increase driving comfort for passengers riding on buses utilizing the transmission. It also features gear technology designed to ensure fuel-friendly engine speeds in all levels of traffic.

“The York Region Transit Authority has put over 250 buses using DIWA technology into service since 2003, and will soon benefit from an additional 34 from New Flyer Industries,” said Brian Sharp, Regional Sales Manager for Voith Turbo. “DIWA technology not only helps to improve fuel efficiency in buses; it also provides a smoother and more comfortable ride for passengers. We look forward to these buses being delivered to York, Ontario later this year.”

Reduced shifting means less wear and tear for the fleet – and a higher comfort level for a transit system’s customers. DIWA transmissions achieve additional comfort by offering a long first gear that reduces gearshifts by up to 50%. Further contributing to the smooth ride is DIWA.5’s hydraulic torsional vibration damper (hydrodamp), designed to significantly reduce engine vibrations.

The transmissions are currently being delivered to New Flyer, with final delivery of the buses to York occurring later this fall. The York Region Transit Authority operates approximately 461 buses. DIWA transmissions are used in both 40 ft. and 60 ft. buses in the fleet.

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