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Pedestrian accidents are an ongoing factor in an urban city like Toronto. Every year citizens of Toronto are involved in accidents involving cars, motorcycles, trucks. These accidents can cause severe personal injury.

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Pedestrians beware: at least 11 people have been struck by vehicles in Toronto Wednesday morning and four more in York and Peel as the remnants of Hurricane Patricia slammed into southwestern Ontario.Police say that none of the injuries are life-threatening and range from bruises to broken bones.
“We’ve been extremely fortunate so far,” said Const. Clinte Stibbe. “It’s completely by luck that none of the injuries has been more serious
According to Stibbe, six pedestrians are struck on average each day in the city. “To have 10 incidents since 6 a.m. is unusually high, and I expect that number will go up once the afternoon rush hour starts due to similar conditions,” he said.

Many of the pedestrians were struck crossing the road or exiting buses and streetcars. Both drivers and pedestrians need to be especially careful in these areas, police say.

“Cold and wet.” That’s how Ivan Perez described his morning commute.

Standing under cover of a bus booth as he waited for a bus to Scarborough, Perez was nonchalant, though. “It’s just rain,” he said.

Tiffany Ng, 27, ducked for cover as she waited to cross the light at Bay St. and Queen’s Quay W. to the Westin hotel for a conference.

She said her umbrella broke on the walk over from Union Station. But at least she had a raincoat on.

“It’s one of those days,” she said with a laugh.

“There’s a huge flood over there so all the cars are really slow but at least we’re walking. I just have to cross the street and then that’s it.”

York Regional Police and Peel Police also reported four collisions involving pedestrians across the GTA. No one was seriously injured in those incidents.

According to Environment Canada, 45 to 55 mm of rain will drench the city, heavily reducing visibility and causing water pooling on roads and catch basins near rivers and creeks. The downpour, which may be heavy at times and feature isolated thunderstorms, is expected to last all day and into Thursday. The wind may also add to the misery, with gusts of up to 60 km/h.

Besides the collisions, there were several road hazards to worry about across the city. Water main breaks early Wednesday closed streets around York and Harbour Sts., Pape Ave. and Queen St. E. and Tecumseth St. between Wellington St. W. and King St. W.

Adelaide St. W. is closed and will remain closed for days between Yonge and Bay Sts. Because of cracked glass at Trump International Hotel and Tower.

Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook says rainy weather will prevent authorities from properly assessing the damage and risk for days and the area could remain closed until Friday.

A large swath of the city’s financial district was closed for nearly two days in August due to an unstable antenna at the top of the building.

Police eventually said the antenna had been inspected and deemed safe.

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