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At Taverniti | Vashishth LLP, our main priority is to ensure the privacy, confidentiality, and safekeeping of all personal and sensitive information collected from our clients or prospective clients. We are committed to maintaining and upholding attorney-client confidentiality, and the information collected will never be shared with third parties unless otherwise specified. The only time we may be liable to share information pertaining to specific cases or clients is if it is required by a court of law or necessary to the specific legal proceedings. This privacy policy outlines the means for collecting and using personal information. Please be advised that this privacy policy is subject to amendments without notice and it is your responsibility to keep yourself informed of any future changes.

Client Privacy Rights

On January 1st, 2004, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and the Canadian Standards Association Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information were instated. These stipulate that, by law, all commercial businesses, including lawyers and law firms must be held fully accountable for any and all personal and sensitive information they obtain, and Taverniti | Vashishth LLP uphold this law.

We train all of our attorneys on retainer to work within the scope of this law and protect the privacy of all of our clients.

Why Do We Need to Collect Personal Information?

As lawyers, we handle a multitude of cases, and we provide legal services to a very wide variety of clients. The reason we must collect personal and sensitive information is because it is absolutely pertinent to the accurate and complete fulfillment of our services.

What Do We Mean by Personal Information and How do We Collect It?

Any piece of information that identifies the client is considered personal information. Personal information is only collected in lawful ways. Typically, we ask our clients to provide as much personal information as they can or are willing as it is pertinent to their case. We do not use illegitimate, intrusive, or unreasonable methods of obtaining personal information. If necessary, we may also obtain certain information from external, but still pertinent sources, such as:

  • Accountants, healthcare professionals, or other authoritative figures
  • Insurance companies
  • Government agencies
  • Client’s employer

In most cases, we request the consent of our clients to disclose, use or even collect personal information. However, some cases may have extenuating circumstances in which consent is automatically implied through by our clients opening a retainer with us.

The only use we have for personal information is to provide proper legal services and to update our client databases for time and billing purposes.

Disclosure of Personal Information

There are a few circumstances in which Taverniti | Vashishth LLP can and will disclose the personal information of our clients. These include:

  • Wherever and whenever required by law
  • When a client consents to have their personal information disclosed
  • Whenever it is required to share personal information with third parties; client consent is implied in these situations, unless specifically declined by the client.
  • To designate and collect legal fees
  • Whenever we hire a third party to provide administrative services, but the third party is bound by this privacy policy
  • Whenever we use an expert witness
  • If other law firms in different districts are retained on behalf of our client
  • If the information is public domain.

Updating and Accessing Personal Information

We ask that all personal information provided by our clients at the onset of a retainer be complete and up to date. Should any of the information change or become irrelevant to the case throughout the course of the retainer, we ask that the clients notify us immediately.

Please keep in mind that access to personal information is not granted in every case and we retain the right to deny providing access to personal information if we deem it necessary to do so. If the personal information requested by the client is requires us to reach into our archives, the client may be subject to pay retrieval fees for our time and efforts.


Clients may request to remain anonymous during legal proceedings where it is legally practicable.

E-Mail Communications

Please be advised that while Taverniti | Vashishth LLP stands by the security of all of its email servers and internet providers, e-mail is not always a completely secure form of communicating personal or sensitive information and we do advise against it.

Requests for Access

If you have any questions, or wish to access your personal information, please write to us at:
Taverniti  | Vashishth LLP – Head Office – Vaughan
3800 Steeles Avenue West,
Suite 200 W, Vaughan,
Ontario, L4L 4G9

If you are not satisfied with our response, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada can be reached at:
112 Kent Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 1H3


Please be advised that the information displayed on this web site is for educational purposes only. It does not pertain to any specific cases nor can it be deemed legal advice. Any e-mail communication you engage in with us does not constitute a lawyer-client relationship unless expressly advised as such.

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