Amputation Injury Lawyers in Toronto

Amputation Injury Lawyers

Amputation injuries can gravely affect a person’s quality of life in unfathomable ways. Losing an entire limb or part of a limb can hinder someone from enjoying their life to the fullest the way they used to, especially if the amputation injury occurred as a result of a traumatic accident or medical error. In such cases, people need to be prepared for the emotional, financial, and even legal ramifications that may follow. Most importantly, they need to know their legal rights and entitlements. Thankfully, there are very highly qualified and experienced personal injury lawyers in Toronto who specialize in amputation injuries. They can thoroughly explain your rights and your legal and financial options to you. If you have insurance, amputation injury lawyers at Taverniti | Vashishth LLP will do everything in their power to fight for the compensation to which you are rightfully entitled.

Common Type of Amputation Injury Cases We Handle in the GTA

There are three major categories of amputation injuries:

1.Crush Injury: This is exactly what it sounds like. It is when a limb or other part of the body is crushed due to heavy impact from a vehicular accident or large object falling on someone.

2.Guillotine Amputation: This amputation occurs in a surgical setting when the physician neglects to properly close the wound.

3.Avulsion: This is a harsh skin injury in which the skin is either completely or partially torn from a specific part of the body.

Reputable traumatic amputation lawyers usually cover the following major and minor situations and injuries related to amputations:


  • Traumatic Amputation: when a serious or potentially fatal injury occurs as a result of a traumatic event (e.g. a car accident) and an amputation is necessary usually due to another person’s negligence or willful intent.
  • Non-Traumatic Amputation: when a serious or potentially fatal injury occurs resulting in a required amputation, but no one is at fault. It can be a freak accident, or even due to an illness such as diabetes.
  • Upper-Limb Amputation: when limbs from the upper part of the body need to be amputated (arms, fingers, shoulders, etc.).
  • Disability after Amputation: Even if the amputation or limb reattachment is successful, there can still be a loss of sensation to varying degrees, not to mention the fact that certain tasks will be a lot more challenging.
  • Hip Disarticulation: This is when the entire leg needs to be amputated, starting within the hip capsule.


  • Partial Foot Amputation: only a small part of the foot is removed and amputated.
  • Ankle Disarticulation: This is a slightly more serious amputation because it typically involves having to remove the foot in order to save the rest of the leg. The leg is held together through the ankle bone.
  • Amputation of the Toes: this can either be full amputation of one or more toes or it can be partial amputation in which only the tip is removed.

Amputation Injury Lawyers in Toronto

The Toronto-based amputation injury lawyers at Taverniti | Vashishth LLP professionally and confidentially handle different types of non-traumatic and traumatic amputation injury claims caused by car and road accidents, slip and falls, and even assault. We are equipped to handle the most complex legal issues arising from your case.

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