Accident Benefit Claims in Toronto

Accident Benefits Coverage

When car accidents occur, an accident benefits lawyer in Toronto can help secure victims the compensation they are entitled to.

Many people involved in car accidents do not realize that they may be entitled to statutory accident benefits in Ontario, even if they were at fault. Using an accident benefits lawyer can ensure that they are not denied the benefits and that they receive the compensation needed for covering expenses and promoting recovery.

What Are Accident Benefits?

When people are involved in car accidents, they are entitled to accident benefits from their insurance providers. Accidents benefits provide compensation to people who have been injured or harmed in car accidents, as well as to passengers and other injured parties. In Ontario, the Statutory Accidents Benefit Schedule (SABS) regulates the benefits that insurers have to provide following an auto collision.

Statutory accident benefits can cover medical expenses, rehabilitative costs, income replacement costs, and attendant care expenses, along with other associated costs and expenses. Statutory accident benefits are provided to victims regardless of fault, negligibility, and liability.

Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage in Ontario

In Ontario, auto accident benefits are regulated and standardized by the government. Statutory accident benefits offer the following coverage to people injured in car accidents in Ontario:

Income Replacement Benefit

The income replacement benefit offers financial assistance to individuals who are unable to work due to their injury. An injured person is entitled to 70% of their gross income, up to the limit of $400.00 each week.

Non-Earner Benefit

Individuals who have been injured in a car accident who are unemployed or who are a student may be entitled to this benefit, although documentation may be needed to receive this benefit.

Attendant Care Benefit

If your impairment is classified to be outside of the minor injury then you may qualify to receive personal care services.

Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Benefit

An optional benefit also available to an injured person is the housekeeping and home maintenance benefit, which provides reimbursement for housekeeping and home maintenance expenses of up to $100.00 per week, if an injury has affected an individual’s ability to maintain their home or perform certain essential tasks.

Caregiver Benefit

The caregiver benefit is for victims who sustain a catastrophic impairment and who were the primary caregiver for a person in need of care.

If an injured person is a caregiver and has dependents, they are entitled to up to $250.00 a week for the first dependent and a subsequent $50.00 per week for each additional dependent.

Accident Benefits Lawyer in Toronto

When a person has suffered an injury in a car accident in Ontario, they are entitled to standardized accident benefits. However, when a person is filing for an accident benefits claim in Ontario, they may have trouble securing the assistance they are entitled to or may be denied further treatment under the MIG.

At Taverniti | Vashishth LLP, we are experienced in representing injured clients following car accidents and in reaching accident benefits settlements in Ontario with insurance providers. Our personal injury lawyers always strive to secure the maximum possible compensation for our clients and to reach a successful settlement as quickly as possible, allowing them to continue with their recovery. We have experience dealing with insurance providers and ensuring that our clients receive effective legal representation.

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