Police launch investigation into Calgary’s worst driver

CALGARY- In the surveillance video above, the person driving the grey SUV is seen struggling for a long period of time to back out of the parking lot, while trying to avoid parked cars.

The driver ends up hitting the red car behind it but keeps going, still having a hard time driving out of the lot.

After close to five minutes, the driver almost completes a full 360 to get of the the parking lot before driving away.

The driver of the grey SUV did not stop to let the owner of the red car know that they hit their vehicle.

Police confirm the incident in the video actually did occur in Calgary’s southeast, in the 4000 block of Manila Road.

Cst. Jeremy Shaw even went as far as to call the driver of the grey SUV ‘Calgary’s worst driver’ in a tweet, after the hit and run.

The incident was reported to CPS Thursday and investigators have spoken to both parties involved.

At this point no charges have been laid.

Police couldn’t say if they’ve spoken to the person who filmed the video, but say investigators have seen it.

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