Peel Police Promise ‘Zero Tolerance’ Approach to ad Drivers as Kids Go Back to School


Drivers who don’t stop for a school bus with its lights flashing face a $400 fine and six demerit points.

PEEL – Drivers, you’d better be on your best behaviour Tuesday morning. Peel police have warned that they will have dozens of officers watching for drivers doing dumb maneuvers around school zones and they’ll be taking a zero tolerance approach to traffic violations.

Peel police says it will have more than 30 officers from its Neighbourhood Policing Unit around school zones and bus routes Tuesday who will be keeping an eye on traffic, in addition to its normal patrols.

The police are particularly concerned about school buses and issued a reminder that drivers behind or approaching a school bus have to stop when they see it turn on its flashing lights. Anyone blowing past a bus with its lights on could be hit with a $400 fine and get six demerit points on their licence.

Officers will also be on the look out for speeding or distracted drivers.


The police have also issued some back-to-school safety tips for parents to keep in mind as they pack off the kids to school once again.

Name tags  Never place your child’s name on the exterior of their clothing or lunchbox.

Getting there  Choose an easy-to-remember password – such as your child’s favourite sports team – in the event that you have to rely on a friend to pick her up.  The password will let her know it’s okay to go with that person. If your child will be walking to and from school, familiarize them with the best route by walking it with them. Use the buddy system if you can.

Contact info  Make sure your child has memorized their personal information and knows how to contact you.

Safe schools  Get to know your school’s “Safe School” policy. Make sure you have up-to-date photos and information for your child.

Friends  Talk to your child and stay informed of events in his daily life. Get to know his friends and their parents.

Online safety  Place computers with internet access in an active area of your home and monitor their use. Don’t post personal photos or information about personal activities – including names of children and teachers – on social networking sites.