OPP reports over 400 traffic calls during treacherous evening commute


Viewer dashcam video screengrab shows a car slipping out of control on the 407 ETR Eastbound. YOUTUBE/Intercooled18T


The OPP is reporting a slew of highway accidents due to wintry conditions during the evening commute, telling CityNews they’ve received more than 400 calls with 80 per cent of them collision-related.

Despite the high frequency of collisions, no serious injuries have been reported.

OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt said there were over 90 collisions on GTA highways alone due to slick roads.

“It’s not the poor weather that’s causing these conditions, it is poor driving decisions,” Sgt. Schmidt explained. “These collisions are all preventable. People just need to slow down, increase your following distance, be aware of your surrounds, avoid distractions and just take it easy.”

On Twitter, the OPP urged drivers to slow down. Schmidt says those who have been involved in a crash may have to be patient.

“The people that are out there may be waiting some time before police arrive,” he said. “We are just overwhelmed with the number of collisions.”

The Ministry of Transportation has deployed salt trucks.

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