How to Avoid Personal Injury during the Holidays

Toronto slip and fall lawyers

Toronto slip and fall lawyersIt’s that most wonderful time of year, and hopefully not a time where you will need any Toronto personal injury lawyers. Christmas is a time to celebrate and spread good cheer among family and friends. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for accidents and injuries to occur. With all of the travel, extra commotion, and eggnog drinking involved, there are a lot of opportunities for injury over the holiday season.

Here are some safety tips for the Christmas season that will keep your family holly, jolly and injury-free.

Keep Everything Kid-Safe

Make sure that any toys you buy are age-appropriate and that Christmas tree ornaments and decorations are not small enough for a child to swallow. If a decoration falls to the floor or a small gift is left unwrapped beneath the tree, it is easy for children to pick it up and stick it in their mouths while everyone else is distracted with the holiday celebrations.

Avoid Fire Hazards

Light up your Christmas tree with glowing lights, but remember to unplug them whenever you leave the home because these lights can end up causing a fire. As well, it is better not to use candles, and you should always avoid placing real candles on your Christmas tree. Many people like to start up a yuletide fire during the holidays, but you should put it out when you leave the room and keep flammable things—such as dangling stockings—away from the fireplace.

Keep Organized

With gifts piled up beneath the tree, it can be easy for someone to take a trip that could have them looking for Toronto slip-and-fall lawyers. Keep everything organized and in their place. Avoid clutter on the floor, especially when your home is likely to be crowded due to visiting family and friends.

Mind the Tree

Make sure your Christmas tree is secured properly and in a spot where no one will accidentally knock it over. If a Christmas tree is big enough, it can easily cause serious injury when falling on top of someone, particularly small children or pets. Keep your tree in a corner of the room and make sure it is screwed into its base properly.

Be Careful of Heights

Decorating the tree and hanging lights is the favourite part of Christmas for many people. Unfortunately, these activities are some of the most common causes of injuries that we see as Toronto catastrophic injury lawyers since people can easily fall off ladders and suffer severe damage. Practise safety whenever using a ladder by having someone hold the base of the ladder so it does not tip or fall. Consider using a smaller tree and keeping your Christmas light decorations around your porch rather than high up on the roof of your house.

Plan Ahead of Time

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year, so it’s important to take things as easy as possible to prevent accidents from happening. Plan out your Christmas dinner in advance and give yourself enough time to cook it leisurely—otherwise, you can easily end up injuring yourself by rushing your cooking. Cuts from knives and burns from stoves or hot oil are both common. If you’re a guest and not the cook, remember to always have proper travel accommodations planned out in advance, especially if you will be drinking. Never drink and drive, as that’s the surest way to find yourself in a hospital (or in jail) on Christmas Day.

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