Effective Defence Representation Critical in Today’s Overcrowded Pre-Trial System

Canada’s Sky-High Remand Rates Signal Need for Skilled Legal Representation

TORONTO, Aug. 19, 2014 /CNW/ – A study recently released1 by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) reveals an “extensive” rise in pre-trial custody populations in Canada’s provincial and territorial jails, and underscores the enormous personal and financial cost of Canada’s current bail processes. The study indicates that the majority of people currently held in our jails are legally innocent, nonetheless serving time in pre-trial facilities widely regarded as the “harshest forms of incarceration”. Expediting the efficiency of the bail process has become paramount, necessitating the support of an effective Criminal Defence Lawyer.

Although the vast majority of individuals jailed upon arrest are facing non-violent, minor charges, Canadians are currently spending over $850 million on pre-trial detention each year. Canada’s crime rate continues to fall, but the remand rate has tripled within the last 30 years. 2005 represented the first year ever in which Canada’s provincial institutions were primarily being used to detain individuals prior to any finding of guilt. And despite warnings2 from U.S. Law Enforcement officials about their country’s “costly mistakes”, the Canadian Government remains committed to “Tough on Crime” legislation and mandatory minimum sentencing. Never before in Canada’s history has effective legal representation been so critical to the maintenance and protection of our citizens’ most basic Charter rights.

Tyler MacDonald is a Criminal Defence Lawyer based in Toronto, Ontario. His years of experience creating positive outcomes for clients has allowed him to hone his skill at expediting the bail process, removing his clients quickly from unnecessary pre-trial detention. Willing to travel anywhere in Ontario to defend his clients, Mr. MacDonald believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to secure the best defence as they navigate the arduous court process. For more information about Tyler MacDonald’s practice, or to arrange an initial consultation, visit his website at http://www.macdonaldcriminaldefence.com/

1 The Canadian Progressive, “Canada’s Overcrowded Jails Full of ‘Legally Innocent’ People: Report”, http://www.canadianprogressiveworld.com/2014/07/30/canadas-overcrowded-jails-full-legally-innocent-people-report/
2 CBC, “Mandatory Sentences Staying in Crime Bill, Nicholson Says”, http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/mandatory-sentences-staying-in-crime-bill-nicholson-says-1.1143651
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