New Laws Have Been Passed For Drivers In Ontario

Maria Taverniti June 10, 2015

Exploring the effects of marijuana use on driving ability By Dr. Samir Gupta Global News WATCH ABOVE: Dr. Samir Gupta explains the effects marijuana use can have on a person’s ability to drive. TORONTO — A new law has been passed which imposes hefty fines for driving under the influence of marijuana in this province. […]

Toronto Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers

Mick Vashishth June 9, 2015

Toronto personal injury and accident lawyers specializing in all aspects of Canadian personal and accidental injury law. Tavetniti Vashishth LLP offices now in Vaugjan, Etoboicke , Downtown Toronto and serving all of the GTA. Car crash victims deserve better deal. article: Toronto Sub Ontario’s car insurance system seems to work well except for consumers who […]

Personal Injury Lawyers Woodbridge

Maria Taverniti June 9, 2015

New Ontario Law For Distracted Drivers

Mick Vashishth June 5, 2015

Distracted driving penalties increase under new Ontario lawMaximum $1K fine and three demerit points for drivers who text, email or talk on handheld phone The Canadian Press Ontario unanimously passed legislation Tuesday increasing penalties for drivers who text or use a handheld phone while on the road, and who open their door into the path […]

Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

Mick Vashishth June 5, 2015

Mistakes to avoid after a car accident: How to protect your rights.. Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is not something that happens very often. Indeed, many people will go through without ever being involved in one. As such, most are not aware of the do’s and don’ts. Herein, we discuss the mistakes you […]

Warning Notice – Unlicensed Insurance Activity

Mick Vashishth September 2, 2014

Wangro Antoun is not licensed to conduct automobile insurance business in Ontario TORONTO, Sept. 2, 2014 /CNW/ – ?The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) is warning consumers that Wangro Antoun (also goes by the names Yasser Antoun, Yasser Antoun-Debbo, Yaseer Debbo and Mano Faroq) is not licensed to conduct automobile insurance business in Ontario. […]

Peel Police Promise ‘Zero Tolerance’ Approach to ad Drivers as Kids Go Back to School

Maria Taverniti September 2, 2014

Drivers who don’t stop for a school bus with its lights flashing face a $400 fine and six demerit points. PEEL – Drivers, you’d better be on your best behaviour Tuesday morning. Peel police have warned that they will have dozens of officers watching for drivers doing dumb maneuvers around school zones and they’ll be […]

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