What Constitutes Pain and Suffering in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Mick Vashishth March 8, 2016

You have probably heard of the term “pain and suffering,” and it is something that Toronto personal injury lawyers very commonly deal with in their practices. When someone is injured in an accident or mishap, they are often entitled to compensation for their injuries. Lost wages, medical fees, and pain and suffering are all claims […]

Slip and Fall Injury Settlement Case: How to Win?

Maria Taverniti February 25, 2016

If you’ve fallen and injured yourself in the city, it helps to know what steps you should take before contacting Toronto slip and fall lawyers. Many people slip and fall each year, often due to wet or dirty floors, damaged tiles, or other dangerous conditions. When serious injuries occur as a result of the property […]

What Constitutes a Catastrophic Injury?

Mick Vashishth February 11, 2016

Many people may not know exactly what a catastrophic injury is, considering we generally don’t use the term “catastrophic injury” in our daily lives. But it is a common and important field in personal injury law that deals with some of the most severely injured people. For these individuals, receiving compensation can be particularly crucial, […]

Sue the Negligent Driver—Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

Maria Taverniti January 27, 2016

When a car accident occurs, a Toronto personal injury lawyer can be crucial to getting you back on your feet. For many people who get injured in a car accident, the aftermath can be confusing, disorienting, and complicated. They may think that they can simply file their insurance claims and receive compensation. What they may […]

How to Avoid Personal Injury during the Holidays

Mick Vashishth December 23, 2015

It’s that most wonderful time of year, and hopefully not a time where you will need any Toronto personal injury lawyers. Christmas is a time to celebrate and spread good cheer among family and friends. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for accidents and injuries to occur. With all of the travel, extra commotion, and eggnog drinking […]

Personal Injury Cases: Know Your Rights

Maria Taverniti November 24, 2015

In our experience as Toronto personal injury lawyers, we have found that many people who are injured in accidents do not fully understand the legal process. There’s a reason for that: Personal injury law is very complex and difficult to understand. It can be intimidating for anyone to deal with the legal process particularly if […]

Choose the Right Personal Injury Lawyer in 8 Steps

Maria Taverniti October 29, 2015

If you’ve suffered an injury due to someone’s negligence, then your next step may be to look for a personal injury lawyer. Finding a personal injury lawyer can be an overwhelming and intimidating process for many people, particularly when they have never done it before. Many people do not know what to look for in […]

Toronto Pedestrian Injury Lawyers

Maria Taverniti October 28, 2015

Pedestrian accidents are an ongoing factor in an urban city like Toronto. Every year citizens of Toronto are involved in accidents involving cars, motorcycles, trucks. These accidents can cause severe personal injury. Taverniti | Vashishth LLP offers a top personal injury team in Toronto who cares about each and every case. Our team will make […]

Bike Traffic In The City Of Toronto Is Up

Mick Vashishth October 23, 2015

Published on Oct 22 2015Tess Kalinowski TRANSPORTATION REPORTER Bike traffic is up — way up — on the redesigned portion of Queens Quay that includes an extension of the Martin Goodman Trail on the south side of the street. Despite some initial confusion about how bikes and pedestrians mix on the new section of trail, […]

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Maria Taverniti October 22, 2015

Walking is a healthy way to get around. But unfortunately pedestrian injuries are all too common. In fact, pedestrians are more likely to be injured by a car accident than passengers in a vehicle. Poor weather conditions, reckless driving, and unsafe road conditions can all lead to accidents that injure pedestrians. Fortunately, by following some […]

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